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Photography was my early interest and after many years of working as a filmmaker

I am rediscovering this incredible world in a new, digital light.

My work is diversified, it encompasses a wide variety of subjects and themes.

The photographs undergo many hours of post production. Some changes are dramatic, some barely visible and some transform the images entirely.

​I am interested in inventing stories. I create images rather than shoot pictures.

What and how I choose to photograph is not influenced by trends or styles, but by storytelling and imagination.

The finished work serves as an illustration rather than a realistic rendition of the world around me.


2011            Earth Place Connecticut                    2nd and 3rd Place        
2012           TOPS Connecticut                             1st Place
2013            German Photo Cup                           Group Exhibition
2013            Greater Lynn                                     Group Exhibition
2013            Palm Spring Connect                        Group Exhibition
2013            First Olympic Circuit Greece            Group Exhibition
2013            The Story Of The Creative               Group Exhibition at the                      Angel Orensanz Foundation in NYC
2014            Polish Fotoferia Exhibition                Group Exhibition
2014            San Joaquin Valley                            Group Exhibition
2014            Norwalk Mayor's Gallery                   Permanent Collection
2014            SeeMe Take Over Times Square     Group Exhibition the center of Times Square in NYC
2014            Imageopolis                                       Best in Project
2014            Ferguson Library Stamford               3rd Place
2015            SeeMe in the Louvre                         Selected Artists  ...............................Exhibition in Louvre Museum in Paris
2015            TOPS Connecticut                            Best Creative
2015            Carriage Barn, Connecticut             Group Exhibition
2015            First Circuit                                        Group Exhibition
2015            Moscow Intern. Photo Awards         Honorable Mention
2016            Front Street Gallery                          Group Exhibition    
2016            1650 Gallery                                      Group Exhibition
2016            NY Center for Photographic Art      Honorable Mention
2016             Bendheim Gallery Show                 Group Exhibition
2016            NorthAmericanInternExhibition       Gold Award
2017             Fairfield Museum                             Group Exhibition
2017             German Photo Cup                          Group Exhibition
2017             Sidewalk Gallery                              Solo Exhibition
2017             1650 Gallery                                     Group Exhibition
2017             PhotoPlus Expo Javits Center NY  1st  Place 

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