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My work is diversified, it encompasses a wide variety of subjects and themes.
What and how I chose to photograph is not influenced by trends or styles, but by Narratives/Storytelling.
The photographs undergo many hours of post production. Some changes are dramatic, some barely visible and some transfer the images entirely.

Sunflowers and Boats
The Midnight Train
Sunset Conversation
East Ave gasStat_DAP_Glamour
17_04_OS_S_The Underwater Race
Scenes from A Mariage 5
owoce z gorySmall
CanadianRoyalGuards  forWeb
Waiting For The High Noon Train
The Display
The Fit
To the safety of the harbour 2
What Is IT?
Kasia with Guitar
A Most Important Kiss
A Modern Family
Sky Rider #6
+                      PastelDryzzle
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